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Optimisation of productivity and flexibility of the production line

Upgrades for all components of the Multicolour, as well as the Mailänder printing presses, coating lines and dryers, allow customers to increase productivity by equipping existing plants with technical further developments and enabling them to meet the growing demands on quality and breadth of products

Upgrades for KBA-MetalPrint Multicolour Printing Lines

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Upgrades for KBA-MetalPrint Printing and Coating Lines

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Overview of all available upgrades

Mailänder 460

10.1 Pressure roller- simultaneous adjustment

10.2 Ball bearings for varnishing rollers

10.3 Flexo scraping system

10.4 Pneumatic scraper blade

10.5 Pneumatic varnishing cylinder friction clutch

10.6 VacuMatic belt infeed system

10.7 Solvent blade


Coating Machine 4040 / 470

5.1 Flexo scraping system

5.2 VacuMatic belt infeed system

5.3 Delivery with round belt

5.4 Solvent blade

5.5 Fine adjustment of the coating cylinder for the transverse recess


Mailänder 122 / 222

9.1 KBA ColorTronic inking remote control system

9.2 Motor-driven diagonal register

9.E1 Modern control and drive system


Feeder 770 / 4050 / 780

8.1 Feeder stack height sensor

8.2 Cams made of high-performance plastic

8.3 Electronic cam controller for controlling the suction unit and separating air

8.4 Conversion kit for noise reduction

8.5 Continuous pile lift

8.6 Scroll side guides

8.7 Stop & Turn pile lifting

8.8 Side blast air


MetalStar 1 / MetalWing

2.1 Printing cylinder sheet monitoring

2.2 Pneumatic printing cylinder pressure on-/off switching

2.3 Pneumatic rear edge sheet guide

2.4 Side lay light barrier sensor

2.E1 E-Modification


Feeder MetalStar 1 / MetalWing

1.1 Rear edge magnetic sheet separation

1.2 Optimized feeder suction head

1.3 Electromagnetic rear edge sheet separation system


MetalStar 2

11.1 Remote maintenance service

11.2 Overshoot detector

11.3 Contract-free overpiling switch on the feeder

11.4 Pneumatic sheet separator



4.1 Teflon® coated ink duct

4.2 Front lay sensors

4.3 Gripper edge sensors


Feeder 790

3.1 Automatic suction head height setting

3.2 Fine alignment vacuum valve

3.3 Second vacuum valve impulse for fine sheet alignment

3.4 Forwarding sucker control - feeder

3.5 Feeder sheet separation


LTG Ovens

7.1 Burner control

7.2 Steering plates for air circulation adjustment

7.3 Spray lubrication system with PLC control

7.4 Burner KXB 2.0


LTG Loading and Unloading Machines

6.1 Dynamic sheet control

6.2 Smooth transition loading ramp

-6.3 Dynamic sheet accelerator

6.4 Vacuum sheet accelerator

6.5 Smooth transition unloading ramp

6.8 Pneumatic sheet alignment

6.9 Pneumatic transport chain tensioning

6.10 Safety device with pneumatic lowering


Sheet Handling

6.6 MagStack magnetic overhead brake

6.7 VacStack vacuum-operated overhead brake


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