Wickets from KBA-MetalPrint


Why does KBA-MetalPrint continue to invest time and effort in the further development of wickets? After all, it is already over 80 years ago that LTG designed its first wicket-based oven for the famous blue Nivea Creme tin.

wickets for drying oven
wickets from KBA-MetalPrint


Because high-quality wickets are the basis for flawless metal packaging. 

For this reason, we have developed the so-called I-beam wicket, which stands out by way of its stability, strength and long service life. The I-shaped profile lends the wicket greater stability than a conventional flat profile. When the supporting ears are welded into the recesses of the “I”, the sides serve to align the joint and the constantly accurate positioning of the supporting ears minimises the risk of scratching of the metal sheets.  


The I-shaped profile achieves an optimum relationship between warm-up time and stability. This is shown in the positive behaviour in respect of ghosting compared to tubular wickets.

Furthermore, the performance of modern, high-speed stackers is dependent on the flawless condition of the wickets. This requirement is met reliably by our I-beam wickets.

  • Standard type: RMD   14/3
  • I-beam:              RMD 114/3

We offer our I-beam wickets in two variants to accommodate the specific requirements of the customer:


LTG budget wickets:

  • Manfactured with I-beam profile
  • To meet high demands at a small price
  • Made to KBA-MetalPrint specifications
  • Random inspection
  • Favourably priced seaworthy packaging

LTG premium wickets:

  • Manufactured with I-beam profile
  • A1 quality for high-performance systems
  • Made in Germany
  • 100% inspection
  • Premium packaging

To be able to meet the demand for fast delivery, typical wicket types can be supplied immediately, even where it is planned to re-equip a whole oven. Further quantities can then be made available within four weeks.

Price advantages are offered if you decide to fully re-equip your oven.

We can also manufacture wickets according to your individual drawings – simply contact us