Line Optimisation

Used and refurbished machines

Used and refurbished equipment is a steady market. This equipment serves as a low cost entrance for small companies with very old equipment, for companies that want to enter the metal decorating market or for companies that want to integrate the metal decorating process in their factory. The backside of used equipment is that it takes knowledge to start up the line.

Refurbished equipment comes ready to operate. It has been overhauled mechanically and - as we recommend - also electrically. The electrical overhaul is important because quite some PLC systems are no more available. For Mailänder machines this is the case for example for the Klöckner-Moeller PLC as no more spare parts are available and also the supply of Siemens S5 cards is getting difficult. A breakdown of the electronic cards of the PLC brings your line to a stop. KBA-MetalPrint offers the upgrade to a modern PLC system type Siemens S7.

Mailänder 122 metal printing machine
Mailänder 122

KBA-MetalPrint sells second hand machines with the KBA typical attitude of quality and performance. This is not always the case in the second hand market. As an Original Equipment Supplier KBA is capable to inspect a line fully and decide whether an overhaul is to be recommended. The investment in a line that goes through our hands is an asset as only we are capable to adapt complex hardware and software to the requirements of a new destination. All our second hand and refurbished equipment projects are being handled by project engineers that accompany the dismantling, refurbishing and reinstallation.

KBA-MetalPrint refrains from refurbishing second hand paper printing machines of type Roland or Rapida. Such machines were purely designed for paper printing. To put these lines in operation again for metal decorating is not conform to their designated use. One must know that a new MetalStar has been designed from the engineering department to print on metal. This engineering is impossible to be realized on second hand paper printing machines. This concerns not only the mechanics, but also the electronics and its software. We warn of security issues and serious additional costs that are not visible during the purchase. Security issues are not only related to assembly groups that have not been designed for the heavy work with metal sheets, but also to software that has not been designed for the danger and risk of a metal sheet passing through the machine. The supply of original spare parts for these machines can be difficult up to impossible, as the consequences of a modified machine cannot be overviewed by KBA.