MetalDecojet - The world’s first industrial inkjet system developed specifically for use in the metal packaging industry

The direct digital decoration of coated metal sheets brings a number of advantages which together add up to significant cost reductions and enhanced quality in the production of metal packaging:

  • Printing without plates and ink changes
  • Consequently, lightning-fast job changeovers and dramatic reductions in waste
  • Proofing and production on the same press
  • Production start only minutes after receiving the print data
  • On-demand production becomes possible
  • As a result, very fast delivery times and/or significantly reduced storge
  • Process stability for trouble-free repeat jobs
  • Increased overall productivity in relieving the existing offset printing presses from small orders

New market opportunities

Previous limitations with regard to minimum run lengths are eliminated, and users of the MetalDecojet are offered a whole new spectrum of possibilities to fulfil customer wishes for differentiation, as the key to new lucrative business models such as event marketing, regional branding, web-to-print business, batch personalisation and traceability through marking and coding.

Enhanced efficiency

But even before developing new market opportunities, immediate cost benefits are achieved in existing short-run production. In contrast to the time-consuming changeovers on a conventional offset press the MetalDecojet requires merely the loading of a new print file, changing of the pallet and a few manual format adjustments, enabling cost savings of more than 50% per job at a run length of 50 sheets.

It must be considered, furthermore, that the indirect cost benefits relating to logistics and storage,  which derive from the fact that printing is genuinely “on-demand” and thus no finished products must be held in storage for later call-off, are still not taken into account in this comparison.

The increased productivity and efficiency of a conventional printing line, which can be relieved of make-ready-intensive short-run production and is thus able to concentrate on higher volumes, is another factor which must be added to the positive side of the equation.


Unique position

In principle, the aforementioned aspects of quality enhancement and cost reduction also apply to other industrial digital printing systems available on the market. In practice, however, these systems fail to realise the potential benefits due to the inferior appearance and processing-related properties of the UV inks used. Loss of gloss, inhomogeneous relief-like surfaces which become evident in reflected light, a lack of flexibility in case of deformation, odour and migration problems, and risks for the downstream processing stages have prevented the installation of industrial inkjet systems in the metal packaging industry to date.

It is only with the new water-based ink system of the MetalDecojet that it has become possible to apply an extremely flat and smooth ink layer without any compromises whatsoever for further processing of the decorated sheets in an existing production process. The special ink formulation, which even meets the demands of the Nestle Guidance Note on Packaging Inks, thus provides a basis for realisation of the cost benefits from a digital print process in metal decorating, and opens the door to new, lucrative sales markets.


  • CMYK multi-pass printing unit
  • Developed for the metal packaging industry
  • Food compliance (Nestle Guidance Note)
  • Absolutely flat, high-gloss ink layer
  • Trouble-free processing and sterilisation
  • Safe, non-toxic water-based inks and cleaning agents

This is the entry into genuinely and consistently digital production.


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