Expansion of the MetalPremium blanket product family

Known from the RBC. Now available to all The MetalPremium RBC blanket, which is available exclusively for MetalStar 3 printing presses with RBC (Rapid Blanket Change), is now also available as a splined version for presses with a tension bar. The MetalPremium TFC (Thermoplastic Film Carrier) is available for MetalStar 2 and MetalStar 3 presses without RBC.

Baby stretch no more

Standardized processes are the dream of every print shop manager. Consumables that can change their characteristics in the course of production are of little help here. Blankets with a fabric backing that expand or contract during production are precisely these consumables.

The blankets of the MetalPremium RBC / TFC series are equipped with a thermoplastic film as carrier.  The film is characterized by high dimensional stability. As a result, the thickness and dimensions of the blanket do not change even over thousands of prints. Manual re-tensioning of the blanket is therefore no longer necessary.

MetalPremium TFC
No need to retighten the blanket manually

Bye bye packing sheet

Every printer is familiar with the time-consuming and annoying handling of the calibrated packing sheets, which have to be renewed at regular intervals. The packing sheets are necessary for a normal blanket in order to achieve the correct packing height in the printing press. With the MetalPremium RBC/TFC blanket series, this is now a thing of the past, as the new blankets have the correct and optimum packing height directly due to the material thickness of 2.35 mm.

The elimination of the calibrated packing sheets saves the customer time and money. 


A special blanket for the MetalStar

The substructure or compressibility of the blanket was specifically adapted to the requirements of the technical conditions in the MetalStar press to ensure optimum unwinding characteristics within the press. This makes the MetalPremium RBC/TFC the first blanket on the market developed specifically for MetalStar and the metal decorating process.

This saves the customer the time-consuming task of trying out and testing various and numerous conventional blankets on the market in order to find a suitable, high-quality product for their production. 


Format-adapted blankets

A special feature of the MetalPremium RBC / TFC blanket is its stripability. The blanket can be cut to the format of the substrate. Unwanted ink transfer from the printing plate via the blanket to the impression cylinder outside the printing format, so-called "picture framing" is thus avoided and the cleaning intervals of the impression cylinder are extended. Picture framing is particularly common on UV presses and requires much more cleaning, especially when an interdeck UV dryer is used because the ink dries on the impression cylinder. This advantage of the blanket is particularly appreciated by MetalPrint customers when printing opaque white. Depending on the substrate format, blankets can be cut to size and used repeatedly.

The customer saves valuable production time and at the same time avoids costly and time-consuming cleaning work on the press.

Blanket MetalPremium RBC/TFC stripping
A special feature of the MetalPremium RBC/TFC blanket is its stripability

The right blanket for the right requirement
The MetalPremium rubber blanket is available in 4 versions:

MetalPremium RBC UV
for MetalStar 3 presses with Rapid Blanket Change and use with UV inks

MetalPremium RBC Combi
for MetalStar 3 presses with Rapid Blanket Change and use with UV and conventional inks

MetalPremium TFC UV
for printing machines with tension rails and use with UV inks

MetalPremium TFC Combi
for printing machines with tension rails and use with UV and conventional inks




MetalPremium TFC
MetalPremium TFC
Blanket MetalPremium RBC/TFC stripping
Blanket MetalPremium RBC/TFC stripping

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