MetalStar 3

Feeder and Infeed

High-performance DriveTronic feeder 

  • Motion functions at the feeder controlled by servo motors

  • Automatic format setting

  • Automatic motorised pile centering device

  • Motorised feeder head height adjustment

  • Double-sheet detection

  • Optical skew-sheet and side guide sensors


Stepless and continuous pile lift

Digital drive control provides for an even and continuous pile lift, maintaining a constant height for separation and feeding of the sheet stream.

Anlegetisch Metal Star3 1500x1000

Feed table

The multi-chamber suction-belt feed table features substrate-dependent control on the basis of characteristic curves for presetting and compensation of the air settings. Two broad suction belts provide for optimum sheet transport down to the feed line.


High-precision KunziMatic registration system

Patented vacuum system for precise alignment of tin, scroll- and aluminium sheets at the front and side lays at highest printing speeds.

Bedienpult-Metal Star3 1500x1000


A key panel with intuitive pictograms is integrated into the front of the DriveTronic feeder. At the first printing unit, a combination of pictogram key panel and touchscreen permits fast and reliable navigation.

Printing unit

Walzenstuhl grossfrei 1500x1808
Drive concept

The MetalStar 3 presses are driven via a single continuous gear train, while the cylinders run in multiple-row antifriction roller bearings. These bearings permit an absolutely play-free setting, and in this way provide for ultimate quiet running and precision.


Inking unit– fast and slim

With their further improved, fast-reacting inking units, the MetalStar 3 presses promise a high degree of repeat accuracy with presetting data. Optimum dissipation of the heat from rollers promotes fast attainment of an ink-water balance and reduces start-up waste accordingly.


Further highlights

  • Disengaging of unused inking units-spares roller wear

  • Remote control of oscillation timing

  • Remote setting of vibrator frequency

  • Ink train separation with impression-off

  • Connection between inking and dampening unit switched from the console

  • Characteristic curve for parameterised compensation of dampening unit speed

  • Automatic pre-dampening program

  • Oscillating bridge roller on the dampening forme roller

  • Differential drive for the dampening forme roller to prevent the formation of hickeys; switchable from the console during production


Der ColorTronic Farbkasten

The high repeat accuracy of previously set ink profiles can be attributed to the unique, bleed-free ink metering in the ColorTronic ink duct. The ceramic-coated duct roller for the new MetalStar press is characterised by its ultimate flexural rigidity. The ink duct calibration remains unchanged over even longer periods, and print quality is maintained at the highest level.

Plate change

Plattenwechsel 1000x1500

Semi Automatic Plate Change

  • Automated plate change

  • Pneumatic opening and closing of the plate cylinder guard

  • Automatic rotation to the change positions

  • Automatic positioning of the plate cylinder

  • Automatic clamping and tensioning of the plate



Fully Automatic Plate Change

  • Fully automatic plate change

  • Change process includes register zeroing

  • Plate change completed in 3 cycles

  • Parallel changing in several printing units

  • Faster, optimised change process with change time of 3 minutes, including register zeroing

  • Divided rear plate clamps

All units in 3 minutes


DriveTronic SPC

Simultaneous Plate Change

  • Simultaneous, fully automatic plate change in all printing units

  • Plate cylinder direct drive with dedicated high-torque motors

  • Plate change parallel to other makeready processes

All units in 1:40 min.

Washing system

Clean Tronic Metal Star3 1500x1000

CleanTronic is a multi-purpose washing system for rollers, blankets and impression cylinders. The blankets and impression cylinders can be washed with a swing-action washing beam. Washing programs can be defined and selected independently for each printing unit at the press console.

CleanTronic Synchro

This system possesses two washing beams. The first is identical to that of the basic CleanTronic system. The second washing beam is fixed in position and is responsible only for blanket washing. CleanTronic Synchro can thus wash the blankets and impression cylinders simultaneously. The special feature, however, is that both washing beams can be applied to the blanket. The washing time is then practically halved. Especially in metal decorating, the facility for fast mid-production blanket washing brings extreme time benefits. The cloth rolls on both washing beams can be replaced during full-speed production. And as part of the ergonomic design, both washing beams are installed at the level of the blanket cylinder, where the space and light conditions are best.

DriveTronic SRW - Simultaneous Roller Wash

Ink roller washing has always been one of the most time-consuming makeready processes at the printing unit. Thanks to a separate drive which enables the inking unit to run independently of the rest of the press, ink rollers and blankets can be washed at the same time. In combination with CleanTronic Synchro, it is even possible to wash the rollers, blankets and impression cylinders simultaneously. Washing times are then reduced to the absolute minimum.

CleanTronic Multi

CleanTronic Multi was developed for users who need to switch frequently between different ink systems. Independent washing circuits are provided for the different solvent types (UV/conventional) and can be selected individually from the press console. The separate pipes and spray bars prevent any intermixing of the different solvents. CleanTronic Multi eliminates complex manual switching of the solvent systems and the associated cleaning of the solvent circuits.

CleanTronic UV

CleanTronic UV permits blanket washing to be done with the UV lamps in standby mode. The waiting times otherwise necessary to avoid the risk of fire before and after washing are no longer necessary. More efficient makeready and a longer service life of the UVlamps are further benefits of this system. A must for every UV printer..

Coating tower

Lackturm-Metal Star-3 1090x1500
Coater tower

The standard coater tower features a chamber blade coating system with laser-engraved anilox roller. The printing pressure and the lateral, circumferential and diagonal register are set remotely from the ErgoTronic console. All positioning motions of the coating forme cylinder are fully automatic. The coating forme is clamped and tensioned pneumatically at the press of a button – without the need for tools of any kind.

Coating supply

The fully automatic coating supply system is available for UV coatings. Individually defined cleaning programs ensure an excellent cleaning result and guarantee the immediate availability of the coating system for the next job. The coating supply is controlled centrally via the ErgoTronic console.

Intelligent Viscosity Logic (IVL)

Fully automatic filling level monitoring and viscosity-based pump control combine to prevent the chamber blade running empty. The IVL system immediately compensates any changes in coating viscosity, and in this way excludes the risk of a sudden loss of coating.

The new Hi-Flow blade chamber

The filling volume of the new Hi-Flow blade chamber has been reduced by approx. 70 per cent. The correspondingly higher coating flow velocity serves to prevent coating starvation and improves the handling of coatings susceptible to foaming. The Hi-Flow blade chamber forms the basis for maximum production speeds.


Leitstand-Ergo Tronic 1500x1001

  • Touchscreen for ergonomic access to all press functions

  • Wall screen for visualisation of all press settings

  • Ink profile displays on console

  • Integration with existing DensiTronic professional possible

  • Integrated remote maintenance module with Internet link for remote maintenance and software updates


Control console functions (dependent on incorporated options)

  • Job-specific saving of all relevant press parameters for repeat jobs

  • Remote register setting

  • Control for all peripheral equipment

  • Maintenance indicator and print-outs of maintenance lists

  • Ink profile presetting via CIP3 data

  • Preview images


Job changeover program

  • Preparation of the next job while production is still running

  • Format and substrate thickness

  • Ink profiles

  • Washing functions

  • Automatic execution of all preselected makeready processes in time-optimised order



Measuring and control technology

DensiTronic Professional - Online control for professionals

Densitronic S 1500x990
DensiTronic Professional is an automatic colour measuring system. Its motorised measuring head is able to scan control strips at any position on the printed sheet. The position of the control strip in the direction of print is set as a motor parameter. After scanning of the control strip, the measured solid densities and LAB values are presented on the screen. The measurements can then be confirmed as a basis for single or dynamic corrections of the ink key settings.


DriveTronic Plate Ident

Plate detection for maximum process automation

Plate Ident is an inline reader system for the printing plates. Cameras incorporated directly into each printing unit permit detection and monitoring of the plate position for changing, identification by way of data matrix codes, and presetting of the colour registration.


ErgoTronic ACR

Compact register measurement

ErgoTronic ACR is a register measuring system. The hand-held measuring head is used to evaluate register marks on the printed sheets. The control function then calculates the necessary corrections for lateral, circumferential and diagon

Ergo Tronic-ACR 1500x1000
al register.

Technical data

Maximun sheet size

1000 x 1200 mm

39.37" x 47.24"

Minimum sheet size standard

510 x 710 mm

20.08" x 27.29"

Sheet thickness standard

0,12 - 0,40 mm

0.0047" x 0.0157"

Size of printing plate

1095 x 1220 x 0,4 mm

43.11" x 48.03" x 0.0157"

Maximum printing area

995 x 1200 mm

39.17" x 47.24"

Plate thickness

0,3 - 0,4 mm

0.0118" - 0.0158"

Size of pre-bar blanket

1220 x 1275 mm

48.03" x 50.20"

Gripper margin

3 mm


Print start

5 mm from edge of sheet

0.197" from edge of sheet

Maximum mechanical speed

10000 sheets/h

(maximum printing speed depending upon print shop conditions and ingoing material quality) 

167 spm

Standard power supply

400 V / 50 Hz, 3 phase

Maximun weight of feeder pile

3500 kg


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