HighEcon drying oven


KBA-MetalPrint has developed a new generation of drying ovens which gurantees even greater energy savings and efficiency. The HighEcon drying oven concept brings customers the potential for significant cost savings in multiple respects.

The HighEcon drying oven - winner of the silver Metpack Award - is the only drying oven worldwide which enables you to run sheets down to 0.100 mm thickness and moreover allows significant energy savings up to 70%.

  • Reduces gas costs up to 70%
    HighEcon flow diagram, drying oven
    HighEcon flow diagram

  • Enables you to run tin sheets down to 0,100 mm

  • Inside tunnel walls stay clean

  • Repeatable job programs and remote service

  • Damage-free conveyor system

  • New developed KXB burner

  • Modern design with new exhaust cabin






Technical Details

KXB burner
KXB burner
KXB - The new burner generation

  • Flow-optimized design by ANSYS FLUENT, in cooperation with the "Karlsruher Institut für Technologie" KIT 
  • Enlarged lifetime due to less thermal stress
  • Improved efficiency results in lower combustion temperatures to meet emission requirements





Scheme of a HighEcon TNV
Scheme of a HighEcon TNV
HighEcon TNV

The HighEcon system is based on an enlarged fresh-air heat exchanger and a main heat exchanger with maximum heat recovery coefficient. Variations in the production conditions are taken into account by way of the automatic stepless exhaust air volume control.






Cabin front display HighEcon
Cabin front display HighEcon
Cabin front display

All system-relevant settings and consumption data are presented to the customer at a glance on the display of the redesigned extraction cabin.