The EcoTNV represents the most economical form of air purification system for use in metal sheet lacquering operations. Even when compared with lines that have no air pollution control equipment, the new system offers a dramatic reduction in gas consumption when operated under normal production conditions with typical change-over patterns.

This means that the EcoTNV not only produces clean air, it also reduces the level of CO² emissions and gives you lower energy costs per sheet.

KBA-MetalPrint will be pleased to send you a questionnaire for completion with your production data, thus allowing us to predict your potential savings by introducing the latest EcoTNV technology.

The EcoTNV is available in the following versions:

Gasverbrauch engl

  • Air purification systems with new installations
  • Retrofit package for existing lines with no air purification
  • Upgrade/replacement for lines with older, less economic air purification systems