2-Piece Ovens

Optimised drying systems for two-piece cans

Energy savings of up to 30%

KBA-MetalPrint’s new generation of two-piece drying ovens redefines the standard in terms of drying quality and energy efficiency at maximum production speeds, with the focus on minimising energy consumption. Innovative exhaust air management and an optimised combustion chamber deliver savings in gas consumption of up to 30%.

LTG BeltOven

Ultimate energy efficiency characterises this belt dryer – thanks to the innovative exhaust air management system developed by KBA-MetalPrint. An even temperature distribution ensures constant drying quality at high production speeds.

LTG PinOven

The new air supply concept and an optimised loading and unloading zone guarantee the highly efficient productivity of your line. Optimised air circulation around the can is the basis for considerable energy savings.