CS PinOven


Significant potential savings can be achieved via improved air flow technology and an intelligent energy management system. The new design of air delivery plates and the optimized infeed and discharge area increase the productivity of your line.

The Adavantages

  • LTG PinOven for 2-piece cans
    An intelligent air flow management ensures the ideal balance of recirculation and fresh air
  • New design of air delivery plates
  • Optimized infeed and discharge area: reduced cold air intake at the oven infeed and less oven fuming at the discharge
  • Optimized heat transfer to the can with large energy savings

Technical Data

    All fans are direct driven with VFD drive
  • All motors have energy efficiency class 1 (EFF1)
  • Fully welded gas-tight oven body
  • 150 mm thick insulation
  • Thermodynamically optimized recirculation fan air intake section
  • Built to CE standards