CS MetalCan – Next level printing

Product description

CS MetalCan – the first 10-colour print section for beverage cans with keyless inking units

The CS MetalCan answers market demands relating to increasingly frequent job changes and product variability. The perfect interaction of all components serves to maximise quality, productivity and safety, as the basis for highly profitable beverage can decoration.

Engineered for 10 colours and with a multitude of special features such as automatic plate and blanket changers, it is set to revolutionise beverage can decorating.

Your Advantages

  •          10 keyless inking units

  •          High print quality – ink stability over the whole can height thanks to keyless inking units

  •          Automatic plate and blanket

  •          Increased productivity through significant reduced makeready times

  •          Absolute register accuracy through  100% synchronisation

  •          Enhanced labour safety for the operator thanks to automation of makeready processes

Further information

Keyless inking technology

CS MetalCan keyless inking units
CS MetalCan keyless inking unit technology, modular design
The inking units of the CS MetalCan are modern, keyless inking units. Specially designed for beverage can decoration they comprise a temperature-controlled anilox roller, an ink forme roller and different combinations of rider rollers. The inking units are modular in design and thus easily exchangeable.

CS MetalCan drive side
the driving concept is unique, each inking unit has a separate drive







Unique drive concept

The drive concept of the CS MetalCan is unique. Each inking unit, and similarly the blanket wheel possesses a dedicated drive and thus driven separately.

Plate changer

The plate changer – designed specifically for beverage can decorating – is a modular system geared to fast plate changing. The plates for a new job can already be placed in the loading channels while the current production is still running. When the command “Plate change” is given, the full set or any selected number of plates is changed automatically. The change process takes approx. 1 minute, whether for a single, several or even all plates.



CS MetalCan plate changer
whether the full set or any selected number, the plate change takes 1 minute








Blanket changer

CS MetalCan blanket changer
CS MetalCan blanket changer, blanket change process in about 4 min.
The blanket changer is designed as a fully automatic system. The ready-prepared blankets are supplied to the blanket changer in a convenient box. When the command “Blanket change” is given, the currently used blankets are first removed into a separate ejection box. Subsequently, new blankets are mounted on the blanket wheel. The blanket change process takes approx. 4 minutes. In addition, plate and blanket changing can be performed simultaneously!





Ink tray

The ink reservoir is similarly a separate modular system. Comprising an ink tray, a chamber blade beam and a quick-action mounting facility, the whole reservoir can be exchanged in a matter of seconds. That eliminates all need for cleaning processes.

CS MetalCan ink tray
the ink tray is a separate modular System

Quality and productivity

The CS MetalCan guarantees ink stability over the whole can height. Thanks to keyless inking units a high colour stability is given even when increasing or decreasing the production speed thus results in high print quality at high speeds.
The use and interplay of the specially developed plate and blanket changers, which both selectively and at the same time support the job changes, allow fastest changing times and significantly increased productivity.



Make-ready during production

With the CS MetalCan, it is possible to prepare the plates and inks for the next job on those inking units which are not currently in use – while production with the otherunits continues! Makeready processes can thus be handled parallel to on-going production,and job changes are accomplished faster than ever before.