2-piece Decorating

Next level printing – printing and drying of 2-piece beverage cans

With CanSolutions, the comprehensive printing expertise of KBA-MetalPrint is now also made available to specialist beverage can decorators, complementing the company’s product portfolio for the 2-piece market. KBA-MetalPrint is now offering complete solutions for printing and drying of 2-piece beverage cans.

CS MetalCan – Next level printing

CS MetalCan – The first 10-colour print section for 2-piece beverage cans with keyless inking units.

CS BeltOven

Ultimate energy efficiency characterises this belt dryer – thanks to the innovative exhaust air management system developed by KBA-MetalPrint. An even temperature distribution ensures constant drying quality at high production speeds.

CS PinOven

The new air supply concept and an optimised loading and unloading zone guarantee the highly efficient productivity of your line. Optimised air circulation around the can is the basis for considerable energy savings.